Excursions in the canals of AmsterdamEasy Dutch Plus organises several times a year activity programs for students who like to combine a pleasant time together with a real-life language experience.
These activity programs are usually theme-based excursions and visits (e.g. museums, exhibitions, theatres) throughout the Netherlands as well as fun trips (e.g. bicycle/picnic tours) in the surroundings of Amsterdam. Participating is an ideal way of getting to know the Dutchin their 'natural habitat'. Long weekend visits to Texel, one of the eight northern islands in the Waddenzee, in collaboration with Eco-Mare - a public organisation for ecological education - has become a cherished tradition. Excursions in Holland Here you are offered a nicely balanced combination of ecological information about the importance of the sea with a related course Dutch (NT2) and refreshing wanderings in the dunes. Of course we try to make these excursions affordable for all our students by keeping the prices as low as possible. All these activities offer a perfect occasion to practise your Dutch and some enjoyable days you will probably not easily forget.

Ton Tijhuis Paintings

On October 11, 2012 was the opening of the exhibition of the paintings of Ton Tijhuis, owner of Easy Dutch Plus.
The paintings are made ​​after the commencement of his travels in Europe and in distant lands. The paintings are beautiful and special places in our wonderful nature. The technique used is acrylic. During the opening, at Il Cielo on 2nd Hugo de Groot Straat 7 in Amsterdam, there is live music played by Baldwin and Jessica.

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